About Us

We are Venera and Stanislav - a family living in Dobrich, Bulgaria. It's our love to animals that brought us together 6 years ago. Since we've met, we've always been surrounded by animals in our small "farm". We breed fancy poutry birds, have three dogs, a number of garden cats and some parrots.

We've always wished to have a cat at home, but we kind of didn't feel ready for this step, till the moment I saw a magnificent black ball of fur, closed in a bird cage with his brothers and sisters, exposed for sale on an animal bazar. He was so small, too young to survive, so I couldn't resist and before we left, he was hidden /from Stanislav/ in my hand bag, traveling home.

And it all began with Tuncho - the most adorable mixture of different unknown long-haired breeds, brilliant mind, wonderful character ... the best cat on earth!

History of Vesta Cattery

Tuncho showed us that having a cat at home is not a burden, but endless pleasure and satisfaction. It was like Tuncho made our house a real warm home.

Then we decided to have a purebred cat - we felt that we deserve it.

From the very begining we knew that it will not be just a cat - it will be SIBERIAN. And Divozora entered our home. She fully justified our expectations! Then, step by step, we realized that - more cats, more fun, so we decided to have a cattery and got our Fernando - to be our future stud male. Then just by chance - Bendida's Bella came to us - she's the colourpoint diversity of Siberians - Neva Mascarade.

Our future